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Custom User Field for the name of the parent 3d object?

I would like to make  a custom user field for resources that displays the filename of the 3D Object that it is derived from. How would I do this?

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  • Hi Arpit,

    I'm just getting into UFs and how powerful they are. I got the formulas working to show my 3D object's name and immediate parent's name, but I can't get the root filename formula to work. Same error:
    Error: cannot parse UF in formula for UF[Root Filename] : Error: unknown element in formula starting [LEVEL_1.NAME ]

    Here's my UF window

  • Hi Gary, 

    Can you confirm if you are seeing the same colors in the Formula as well - 

    Try typing out the formula instead of copy/paste. Also make sure you are running this for the 3D OBjects, and not Resources.

    If everything looks the same as the screenshot, then I am not sure what the issue could be. You can probably remove all the data besides a few geometries and send over the SP file for review as well.

    Otherwise, I will recommend reaching out to

  • Hi Gary, 

    Additional to to Arpit's check item.

    Can you tell us what is your SYNCHRO build? Are you using Because the LEVEL_ command is only available in build. 

    If you use previous build, you can use PARENT.PARENT....  command and count how many level is the root level. 

    Best regards,

    Indrawan Wijaya

    Answer Verified By: Gary Zimmer 

  • Ah, I am on Synchro 2020 Pro x64 which I believe is the latest version of a now dead product.

  • Hi Gary - what exactly did you mean by "a now dead product"? We released SYNCHRO 4D Pro recently in June, 2021. 

  • Hi Jacqueline, Thank you for taking a month to misread my comment and give bad information. Can you confirm the following statement is true?

    "Please note that SYNCHRO Pro as a separate product from 4D Pro is no longer being offered, but 4D Pro continues to support an .sp file-based workflow in addition to opening cloud-hosted projects from SYCNHRO Control."

    I found this on the descripton of a recent video on your youtube channel here:

    Going from Pro to 4D Pro is a huge price difference as well as involving many features that are simply never going to be used by our firm. Trying to push up this way is making us take a deeper look at your competitors.

    Answer Verified By: Gary Zimmer