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Custom User Field for the name of the parent 3d object?

I would like to make  a custom user field for resources that displays the filename of the 3D Object that it is derived from. How would I do this?

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  • Hi Jacqueline, Thank you for taking a month to misread my comment and give bad information. Can you confirm the following statement is true?

    "Please note that SYNCHRO Pro as a separate product from 4D Pro is no longer being offered, but 4D Pro continues to support an .sp file-based workflow in addition to opening cloud-hosted projects from SYCNHRO Control."

    I found this on the descripton of a recent video on your youtube channel here:

    Going from Pro to 4D Pro is a huge price difference as well as involving many features that are simply never going to be used by our firm. Trying to push up this way is making us take a deeper look at your competitors.

    Answer Verified By: Gary Zimmer