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Coffee Corner: SYNCHRO - Field Data Capture

Title: Coffee Corner: SYNCHRO - Field Data Capture
Presenters: TJ Feasby, Product Manager, Construction, Bentley Systems, Kerry Newbanks, Industry Solution Advisor, Construction Operations, Bentley Systems Inc, and Russ Campton, Senior Advancement Manager, Construction Enterprise, Bentley Systems Inc
Date/Time: Wednesday, September 29, 2021 at 10:00 EDT

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In today's fast-paced construction environment, it can be challenging to keep track of what is happening at the project site. Legacy software systems have not adapted to the needs of the mobile worker.

SYNCHRO Notes has created a collaborative daily report solution that incorporates notes and photos from the entire project team, including subcontractors, using team iPhones, iPads, any Android devices, and/or landline phones.

Field staff can post notes, photos, and add any electronic files or attachments. Dictated voice notes are transcribed near real-time by Bentley's professional human transcribers, then automatically complied with photos into a collaborative report that is available on a mobile device or computer. Office staff can access real-time information online or on their mobile devices, and they also automatically receive PDF daily reports by email each morning.

Field Staff love using SYNCHRO Notes because:

  • Its simple to use
  • Daily reports with transcribed text and photos that save time
  • Reports are professional and timely
  • Records include independent time and location stamps to keep everyone on the same page

SYNCHRO Notes saves time, saves money, increases productivity, reduces risk and increases the amount of data provided in reports.

Bentley SYNCHRO Coffee Corners are open to all Bentley users, free of charge. One learning unit is applied to each participant's Bentley Transcript for self-reporting. To view prior sessions, watch the Recordings On-Demand.