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How to automatically reflect color of delayed task in 3D model without using Resource Status?

I am trying to color code the 3D model with respect to it's current status. I used Resource Statuses and was able to do so. But I had to manually assign resource statuses to respective resources. Is there any way to do this automatically? I mean the part of 3D model which is getting delayed as per the schedule should automatically be colored in certain color.

  • Hi Mihir,

    Here is an idea:

    1. Open "Hours Variance" column within Tasks List - this column will show if there are tasks delayed or in advance

    2. Right click on Hours Variance column->Conditional Formatting

    Add a Rule by Value. Basically if the value in less than 0, the cell Background will be red:

    and the result:

    3. Change Color Mode to Task Table Column and chose Hours Variance:

    And here is the result:

    All the 3D Resources assigned to the delayed task are red based on the cell background color.

    Best regards,

    Alex B

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  • Hi Alex. Thanks again for the response.

    I tried the way you stated but all cells in "House Variance" column were empty. Is it because I haven't added anything in "Baselines and Scenarios" or is it because there are no delayed tasks in my project?

  • If there are no delays generated by tracking the tasks progress, the column will be empty.

    Alternatively, you can create a Task User Field to manually capture, with a "yes" value, any delayed tasks. Than apply the conditional formatting on the Task User Field column.

    Let me know how it goes or if you need help.



  • Hi Alex. Thanks for your response.

    I'm sorry for late reply. 

    I tried adding "Status" column so that I could separate the delayed tasks and add conditional formatting to give the delayed tasks specific colour in 3D. But all tasks came out to be "Planned" in Status column although the start and finish dates of tasks elapsed.

    I am attaching a snap of the same for better understanding.

    So what's the way forward? Do I have to manually change Status of delayed tasks?