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Is SYNCHRO Pro Dead or Not??

As I documented in my last post in this thread:

There was previously a description on a video posted to the official Synchro account stating the following:

"Please note that SYNCHRO Pro as a separate product from 4D Pro is no longer being offered, but 4D Pro continues to support an .sp file-based workflow in addition to opening cloud-hosted projects from SYCNHRO Control."

That video has since been deleted and the only information I can find currently on Synchro's page is here:

10.      What is happening with legacy SYNCHRO products?

We are advancing the SYNCHRO workflows from the legacy products over to SYNCHRO 4D, Control & Field. We will continue to support the legacy products and follow Bentley’s Legacy Support Policy (releases 6.2 and older).

The deleted video and lack of clarity on this subject is really not a good look...

  • Response from Bentley Technical support:
    "Synchro 4D PRO has replaced the original Synchro PRO (Legacy Synchro). We will be continuing to support the product, however their will be no updates or feature changes to Synchro PRO and the latest version will be the last and final release of this software.
    There has been no official announcement for an end of life for the product as of yet."

    Answer Verified By: Gary Zimmer