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Is SYNCHRO Pro Dead or Not??

As I documented in my last post in this thread:

There was previously a description on a video posted to the official Synchro account stating the following:

"Please note that SYNCHRO Pro as a separate product from 4D Pro is no longer being offered, but 4D Pro continues to support an .sp file-based workflow in addition to opening cloud-hosted projects from SYCNHRO Control."

That video has since been deleted and the only information I can find currently on Synchro's page is here:

10.      What is happening with legacy SYNCHRO products?

We are advancing the SYNCHRO workflows from the legacy products over to SYNCHRO 4D, Control & Field. We will continue to support the legacy products and follow Bentley’s Legacy Support Policy (releases 6.2 and older).

The deleted video and lack of clarity on this subject is really not a good look...