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3ds max importing .fbx

We are trying to import .fbx from Synchro to 3ds max. We are finding this naming convention errors where objects are not named at all in 3ds max ,where as synchro we do have proper naming convention.

  • The problem is that FBX is a proprietary format that isn't well documented and every program seems to use a different version of the standard. I've been trying for a while to get animation integrated FBXs out of Synchro Pro into any other software and have not have complete success. My best results were in Maya, because I did see animation key frames and camera movement were imported, but I don't think the connections were preserved. My best advice is to export to IFC, then use BlenderBIM to go from IFC2x3 that Synchro exports, convert to IFC4, then export to OBJ and open in any modern 3d program. This way I was able to preserve the structure, naming, and attributes from the BIM data. Unfortunately you'll lose the textures and animations from Synchro, but until Bentley gives more info as to compatibility with FBX exports, I don't have a better workflow...

  • Hello Gary, even I'm trying to find out to get animation intergrated FBX into any other software. Could you share your findings till now, on what all this supports? Could Bentley support can address this, if its possible in unreal, unity, or any other softwares? All i wanted is, how to get the animation keyframes with growth simulations of 3D elements out of Synchro, just to improve the quality of the output? Is there any other formats which I'm missing out?

  • Hi Akshay,

    To get better rendering output you may use Bentley's real-time rendering engine LumenRT. In LumenRT, you would also be able to preserve the appearance profiles. 

    The workflow is mentioned here

    There is also an option to bring it to Unity. You may check this link out



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