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Is there any way to get the coordinates of 3d object?


As I was working using Synchro, I sometimes find there is some unknown 3d object that is very far from the rest of the model, so that every time when I do Ctrl Shift J, the model will disappear. 

Since there is a long list of 3d objects and it is not efficient to loading them on and off one by one, I wonder if there is any recommended workflow from your side to quickly identify the "flying" object? 

In my mind, if there is a way to list out their 3D Object's coordinate in the model would be very helpful. Is this possible in Synchro?

Looking forward to your reply and suggestions, thank you.

  • Hi Lucy, 

    I normally Create a 3D filter to bring all Components that Far away from your Model. 

    I use 3D View Window Selection, to selelct those components, and Add create Filter From Selected. 

    We can select all other component that we want to hide to this 3D Filter. 

    After that we will Upload the 3D model using this 3D filter. 



  • Hi Indrawan, following on from Lucy's question, Is there any way to get the coordinates of 3d object?

    Thank you

    Sergi Ferrater

  • You can create 3D User Fields using the following commands to extract X/Y/Z Coordinates - 

    The approx values calculated can filter objects that are very far from the project origin, and can also be saved through a smart 3D Filter, similar to Indrawan's suggestion.

    Additionally, in the next SYNCHRO 4D Pro 6.5 release, we will be introducing specific toolsets to tackle such floating objects. Unfortunately, we don't have an official release date.

  • I also noticed that when there are many subdivisions done in the model it seemed to be zoomed out after we clicked zoom all.  I wonder if this is also an issue of subdividing the objects in Synchro and not really objects that are out of coordinates. We are using version 6.3.2.

  • Hi April, 

    If the model is geolocated or some objects are very far from the base project, there are various geometric glitches and SYNCHRO doesn't like to play nice. I could be wrong, but the core issue is probably not due to Subdivision, but it could definitely be contributing towards it.