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Workflow 3D update by Navisworks plugin


What is the best workflow for updating the 3D model?

I'm using the Navisworks plug-in, but every time I import, the resource duplicates and I need to redo the work.

I´ve read that via plug-in module for Navisworks the NWD can be exported to SPX, but does not support future model updates via Synchronise From.

Which file format is better for weekly 3D model updates?


  • Hi Wagner,

    The following workflow will do the job swimmingly:

    1. Append all the .nwd files into a .nwf file format: i.e. Master.nwf

    2. Export .spx format using the SYNCHRO Pluging (the presented settings are just fine, check also optimize for sync option)

    3. IMPORTANT: Save the .NWF file after each export. This will save the Unique IDs generated by the plugin for each 3D object. In SYNCHRO the sync is done using this UID.

    4. Import the .spx file in SYNCHRO and do the 4D authoring.

    5. When you get the updated .nwd, just replace it (with the same name) in the location from where you referenced it into the .nwf file. 

    6. Export updated .spx and use synchronize from in SYNCHRO 4D.

    Best regards,

    Alex B.

  • It was exacly that I needed.

    Much thank Alex