Synchro 4D Pro: how to create a 3D view for a 2 week construction progress forecast showing all active tasks/elements?

Hello! I'm trying to generate an image (or a 3D view) for a 2 week construction progress forecast from my 4D model with the following reqirements:

  • All the model elements assigned to tasks, completed as of Focus Time, should be displayed in grey;
  • All model elements assigned to tasks that will be active (started/running/finished) in the next 2 weeks from Focus Time must be coloured according to the discipline;
  • All elements that will not be started within 2 weeks should not be displayed.

I have tried 2 ways, but neither of them gives me the desired result:

  1. Dates to use = Planned; appearance profiles: only active elements are colored by discipline, that's perfect, but only the already running to the focus date tasks/elements are displayed. In this case a short task started after the Focus Date will not be shown. And when I'm trying to add a task filter (e.g. 2-Week Look Ahead), nothing changes.
  2. Dates to use = ignore timeline, Filters = same as task filter (Data range from project start to focus date +14 days), Resource Codes for colouring. This displays all elements affected in the next two weeks, good. But ignoring the timeline, I don't know how to mark already completed elements in grey.

Would really appreciate any help!