Beginner | workplaces for various contractors

Hello everyone, I am completely new here and was introduced to Synchro Pro this week.
I was assigned to work on a project and I would have liked to listen to experienced people on how best to proceed.

I have a project, 12 different workplaces on that project and +-6 different contractors.
The idea is that based on the schedule I now link all the contractors to the work zones so I can see by color which contractor is on which workplace.
If the contractor needs more time we get a notification if the workplace is unavailable.Sometimes 2 different contractors can be working on the same job site.

What have I already tested out?
- I have created the different work zones in revit and linked in via IFC.
- I have created 'Profiles' of all the contractors.
- I have linked the tasks to the zones and linked a profile of the contractor each time.

- I cant colorize 2 different contractors (profiles) to one workplace (object)

Hopefully someone can help me because I am completely new to this program.


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