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Hello everyone, I am completely new here and was introduced to Synchro Pro this week.
I was assigned to work on a project and I would have liked to listen to experienced people on how best to proceed.

I have a project, 12 different workplaces on that project and +-6 different contractors.
The idea is that based on the schedule I now link all the contractors to the work zones so I can see by color which contractor is on which workplace.
If the contractor needs more time we get a notification if the workplace is unavailable.Sometimes 2 different contractors can be working on the same job site.

What have I already tested out?
- I have created the different work zones in revit and linked in via IFC.
- I have created 'Profiles' of all the contractors.
- I have linked the tasks to the zones and linked a profile of the contractor each time.

- I cant colorize 2 different contractors (profiles) to one workplace (object)

Hopefully someone can help me because I am completely new to this program.


  • What do i need.
    1) I need to create workspaces for different contractors
    2) I need to assign the contractors to the workspaces
    3) Sometimes it may be that one or more contractors will work on the same work area.
    4) According to planning, it should be visible with colours, which contractor, is working in which work zone.

    What should we be able to do with this?
    1) If the planning changes, all work zones would always be linked to the tasks with the contractor according to planning.
    2) If a contractor were to run late or need more time to carry out the works, we should be notified which work zones are 'at risk' according to the planning.

  • Luis, 

    Once you assign the Workspace to a Task, if the original modeled element is the same and not deleted/recreated, it will remain assigned regardless of planning changes.

    There is no way of getting automated notifications for 'at risk' activities. Still, you can identify these tasks through User Fields values and set up Conditional Formatting for Tasks, or 3D View Color modes for better visibility.

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