FBX in 3ds Max not working properly

Hi all,

After exporting an FBX from Synchro into 3ds Max (2023) i encounter the following problems:

- Appearance profiles are not showing / working in 3ds Max; objects that should be removed in a 'Growth Simulation' type 'left to right' are just 100% visible until the task is done, then it dissappears completely. No simulation what so ever. 

- (Dis)appearing objects show correctly in the viewport, but not in render; I have multiple excavators appearing and dissappearing at different times in the animation, but at rendertime they all show up at once, not respecting the proper task start and end dates.

If anyone has any solutions to this, please let me know =)

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  • Hello Arpit,

    Thank you for the reply. I tried various ways to get this workflow going, but i can't seem to find a proper instruction to get LumenRT + iTwin working together when trying to set up 'iModel' inside iTwin. So many variables (applications, account logins, synchronization between applications, et cetera). Could you list the correct steps and applications that are required for this to work?

    I'm sorry, but i've never came across other applications that make this workflow so complicated... Or getting a proper FBX for postprocessing for that matter, it shouldn't be this troublesome...