Missing 'Activity ID' parameter from Revit & IFC

Dear Synchro Support Team

I want to import the 3D model originated from Revit 2023. As there’s still no Revit 2023 to Synchro plugin available to use, then we’re using IFC file as the 3D model.

However, IFC model has its own disadvantages, such as geometrical appearance that does not seemed to be correct (Figure 1)

 Figure 1: Tunnel ring model appears as solid tube instead of a ring

So, we tried to develop another method to import the 3D model. We used Revit 2020 version to open the IFC model from Revit 2023 version, and then we’re using Synchro Plugin to directly create a Synchro .spx file.

But as we successfully load the model, the Activity ID and some user parameters that we already bind in the model gone missing. (Figure 2)

 Figure 2.1: list of user field parameters

Mind that we already input the Activity ID as parameter in the Revit model for task auto-assign purpose and filled them correctly. (Figure 3)

 Figure 3: activity ID parameter in IFC model

By this issue, I would like to ask if you have a solution to this one and keep the parameters from the model loaded correctly as a .spx file.


Thanks in advance