Imported 3D model does not align with existing models

I am a noob, but have completed 2hr Bentley Syncro training.

I have inherited a syncro project that already has 3D SPX models linked to a P6 plan.

I have 3D Revit modelled some scaffolding around the perimeter of the building. I have exported this 3D model to DWFX. I have imported this DWFX file into Syncro but it does not import into the same place as all the other 3D models. I am aware there is an align tool in Syncro and can use it.

But I want to know is there a way to import the 3D model such that it imports into Syncro and automatically aligns with the other models. Is it the fact perhaps that I am using DWFX and not SPX 3D models?

Thank you in advance.