Synchro Control Issue

Hello everyone.

Today I want to describe our work with that service.

Our typical team(synchro users) on one project  is:
 -VDC coordinator which use Synchro 4D Pro and working mostly with resources and their assigning (human, material and cost).
 -PM which work in Synchro Open Viewer just viewing overall schedule and simulation.
 -Construction project scheduler which work in Synchro scheduler.

We have a great need to work in one place and one time because work with schedule and resources it's our daily routine and Control don't give to us this opportunity.
A lot of calls and mails we wrote to solve our issues: slow work (always we have load icon on a screen, and it takes much more time to make changes than in the local version), re-connect, rejected actions.

So, what we clarify and solve:
We create Exclusion in defender system even for people which corporative Bitdefender;  
We understand if model is updated in control all actions in Synchro would be rejected;
We try all the links which should to be whitelisted and really it's hard to understand is it works good or not;
So, as we understand when we chat with Audrone Butke all links are good, and we don't need to change our VPN configuration.
Also, we have solved problem with rather versions of the software (Synchro 4D pro, Bentley Connection client) which we used.

Now we should to work in local files and make export and import manipulation which have some bags

Our industry extremely needs cloud-based schedule to have up to date information/
Please share some resources about roadmap of Control and maybe you have some case studies of suitable work in control in large construction sites! 

Here I want to show some examples how its crash or work slow.

-Network error (sometime model even doesn't open if we have such error)

-Slow work