3D Models not coming in alignment

Hi, We are presently doing a project where 2 teams (Building and infra) are trying to coordinate the files in a single synchro file. The building files were made in Revit whereas the Infra models were made in Civil 3D. Both were later exported to dwfx (The civil 3D file was first converted into NWC and then to dwfx). When trying to import the files into a single Synchro file it is not coming in the same coordinates. While it is possible to align the file using the coordinate system, I am wondering if there is any other alternative solutions as using coordinate system is not aligning the model 100%.  The below picture illustrates the issue. Landscape file which was made in revit is not in alignment with the infra files. Initially the 2 were in seperate coordinates and the landscape file was moved in using bounding box. However as shown it is not 100% perfect. Kindly suggest a solution in order to coordinate the model perfectly

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