Creating a Synchro project for Augmented Reality (AR)

Creating a Synchro project for Augmented Reality (AR) on mobile devices would be highly desirable. This would enable users to experience visualizations while being outdoors, allowing them to see virtual elements seamlessly integrated into the real-world environment.

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Impact and Benefits:

What are the potential benefits of implementing a Synchro project in AR for mobile devices?
How could it enhance user experiences?

How might this technology positively impact various industries such as architecture, urban planning, or tourism?
Are there any potential drawbacks or challenges that need to be considered before implementing such a project?

User Interaction and Experience:

How would the integration of Synchro and AR change the way users interact with and perceive their surroundings?
What kind of user interfaces and controls would be best suited for an outdoor AR visualization experience?
How can the project ensure a seamless and intuitive user experience while navigating and interacting with virtual elements in real-world settings?

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