Remove part of already installed resource group in another task

Hi Synchro Forum,

I made a resource group from a couple of piles as shown in the image below and assigned it to a installing task. I want to use a resource group for this, because the appearance profile is only working this way I want it to work. Just so the piles are installed one by one and not all at the same time (this happens when not using resource groups)

Now I want the pile heads to be removed and use a resource group for that as well, see image below.

But the pile heads can not be removed. When I am using a resource group it is either installing or removing (in this case) when I use the same objects for the two different resource groups. Is there any way to solve this issue?

Best regards,

Fabian Meijs

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  • Hi Fabian,

    I encountered a similar situation as you. For me, you can create two resource groups
    i. First for the whole pile
    ii. Second for the Pile Head

    So the set will be like this
    1) You can create the activities and assign both resource groups that you have created
    2) then you can create appearance profile to make the pile head disappear by remove as shown below and assigned

    3) Then when you play the focus time you would see your pile head not there (In order to make this work make sure your 3D View setting > Transparency is On)

    I hope this sharing can solve your issue.

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