SYNCHRO Pro Training

This zip file contains the a PDF tutorial and all the model, schedule, and .SP files needed to complete the tutorial.

This course will take you through the basics for SYNCHRO Pro. This course is appropriate for anyone involved in construction delivery - including planners and schedulers, virtual design coordinators, and project managers. The course will introduce you to 4D scheduling in SYNCHRO. It will cover everything you need to get started working in SYNCHRO, including importing schedules and models, linking 3D objects to tasks, inserting new tasks, subdividing geometry, animating equipment using 3D paths, and producing outputs.

At the end of the course you will be able to import a model and schedule, fully link the model to the schedule using color coding and growth simulation, review the construction sequence, and export a video to present to stakeholders.

You may alternatively access training at Bentley LEARN.