Digital Cities - Create, Visualize and Analyze Digital Twins of City Infrastructure

Bentley offers a comprehensive set of solutions to help cities manage the data associated with and generated by their infrastructure assets. Cities can analyze city-wide digital twins of their infrastructure for more efficient operations and more resilient infrastructure.

Reality Modeling [ContextCapture | Descartes | Pointools]

Reality Modeling [OpenCities Planner]

Hydraulics and Hydrology [OpenFlows]

Mapping and Surveying [OpenCities Map]

Utilities and Communications Network [OpenComms]

Utilities and Communications Network [OpenUtilities]

Modeling and Visualization [MicroStation | LumenRT] 

Building Design [OpenBuildings | AECOsim | LEGION]

Civil Design [OpenSite | OpenRoads] 

Project Delivery [ProjectWise | ProcureWare]

Infrastructure Asset Performance [AssetWise]