• iTwin Design Review UI 2.0

    iTwin Design Review now includes a new, more flexible user interface which allows a user tailored arrangement of the interface including dock-able tabs, a new tool settings bar, and more.

    1. Panels can now be docked freely. For example, you can now dock the properties panel to the left or right sides of the application based on your preference.
    2. Panels can now be pinned open, or set to automatically collapse
    3. Tool Settings…
  • What's New: Design Review 3.2 Updates

    - Adoption of iTwin JS 3.2  - https://www.itwinjs.org/changehistory/

    - Added up/down hierarchy arrows to navigate object hierarchies

    - Updated iModel presentation widget with additional settings and features

    - Removed iModel Geo-Photo in favor of the more capable Context Capture Geo-Photo tool

    - Many bug fixes and performance improvements

  • Improved lighting and brightness

    With improved lighting and brightness, elements in the view now look more vibrant. These changes are not applied to existing saved views, but they can be enabled by re-selecting "Smooth" render mode in presentation settings. Then it's just a matter of updating those saved views.

    This is how view looks with lighting and brightness improvements:

    This is how view looked previously, without lighting and brightness…

  • Civil Taper Angle Tool

    Taper angle is a dimensioning tool that measures the angle of divergence and taper ratio between 2 linear elements. It is valuable for evaluating areas of transition along a roadway, such as at ramps, gores, and turn lanes. Taper angle tool can be found under Civil Tools group, in the upper left zone of Design Review.

  • New Perpendicular Measure Tool

    Hi All,

    We have enabled a new Perpendicular Distance tool in Design Review. It's designed to report the perpendicular distance between two surfaces. Let us know what you think.

  • Issues filtering updates

    Issues filtering has been updated to allow users to filter by date, apply multiple filters and select and/or operator when multiple filters are applied.

    Filter by issue creation date:

    Filter issues by multiple criteria. Multi-filtering works with all existing filters, including newly added date one:

    "OR" operator applied in multiple criteria:

  • New color picker in Data Visualization

    Data Visualization color picker has been updated with new styling and ability to to enter HEX, HSL and RGB codes. Type in a value, hit enter and your color is going to be applied.

  • Japanese and Chinese translations

    Translations for Japanese and Chinese (simplified, traditional) languages have been added to both Ad Hoc and Digital Twin workflows of Design Review. Setting browser or page display language to one of these, will force Design Review to be displayed in the selected language.

    In case of missing translations, text is going to be shown in English language. We're going to continue improving translations for these languages…

  • ‘Include New Content’ Saved Views setting

    New Saved Views setting ‘Include New Content’ will load all content from Saved view and new content that was added in newer design versions. 

    ‘Include New Content’ is default setting and all Saved views by default will be opened with this setting. Setting could be changed to a different one before loading a Saved View.      

    ‘Include New Content’ could not be applied to Saved views created before this…

  • New Anti-Aliasing setting

    A new setting has been added to iTwin Design Review, it is called Anti-Aliasing. When applied, it will create a higher quality image by smoothing out jagged edges but it will be more demanding on the graphics hardware. Four different levels of Anti-Aliasing are available to chose from - none, low, medium and high.

    Anti-Aliasing setting is available in Display section of iTwin Design Review settings.

  • Orbit Photo Navigation now available!

    Orbit Photo Navigation

    Orbit Photo Navigation allows users to view mapping and imagery data that was uploaded to ProjectWise ContextShare. When enabled, mapping data will appear in a separate view on the right side without disrupting existing one.

    Orbit Photo Navigation can be found and enabled in Reality Data widget on the right side of the screen.

    If there is only one mapping data available, it will be selected…

  • New Change Visibility tool

    New Change Visibility tool allows to control transparency, color, hide, isolate and emphasize in one single dialog. These modes could be applied to elements, categories, and models.

    To use this tool, select element and click ‘Change Visibility’ icon in the top left corner.  

    Select hide, isolate, emphasize or properties mode. Properties mode allows to set transparency and change color. Select element, category…

  • Design Review Update - Visibility Controls, Mask Filters and More Updates

    Visibility Tool Update - Clear Category and Model Changes

    The Clear tools in the top left of iTwin Design Review have been updated to allow the user to Clear Hide and Isolate changes that have been made to Categories and Models. Previously the Clear tool only worked on individual elements and  users were required to turn Categories and Models back on within the Visibility Trees. This update streamlines this operation for…

  • New Sectioning Tools and Property Grid Update

    Section Tool - Align Camera to Section Cut

    A new feature has been added to the section tool that allows users to easily align their camera with the cut of a section. After the section tool has been utilized and the cut is displayed on the screen simply Right+Click on the desired arrow to align the camera to the selected surface. iTwin Design Review will automatically align the camera with that view and turn off the perspective…

  • Design Review Update - Skybox controls, Map Layers and Markups Update

    Skybox Color Pickers

    The Presentation widget controls have been updated to all users to choose their own skybox colors. The new color pickers are available within the Presentation Widget when the skybox is toggled on.

    The default skybox colors have also been updated for all users. Existing Saved Views which included the skybox will also be updated to reflect the new default skybox. Any changes made to the default colors…

  • Saved View Tags Now Available

    Saved View tags are now available as an additional way to organize, group and find the saved views on your project.

    Each saved view can now have Tags associated with the saved view. Authorized users can access the Manage Tags feature through the Saved View options here:

    Each saved view can have as many saved view as desired which are added on the Manage Tags screen:

    After tags have been added, all users can search for…

  • 2D Views, Hyper-modeling now available!

    2D Views Widget

    The 2D Views widget is now available to all users within iTwin Design Review. This widget allows users to access 2D Sheets and Drawings which are stored in the iModel. Opening a 2D View will open a new frontstage within iTwin Design Review. 

    The 2D Views widget can be accessed on the right side of the screen here:

    This widget will automatically filter the list based on the selected elements within the…

  • iTwin Hub Administrative Features Are Now Available

    Create New Projects

    New Projects can now be created directly within the iTwin Hub from the 'Register a project' button. From the iTwin Hub home page the Register a project button will be available for authorized users.

    Create New iModels

    From the project home page, users are now able to create new iModels within their projects. The Create an iModel button will launch the create dialog which allows for the Name…

  • Setback Tools, Civil Reports and Version Compare Updates

    Setback Tools

    A new set of Setback Tools has been added to the tools menu that allows the user to generate a setback boundary around a desired element or area in their design. The tool is also able to perform a soft clash check and identify any elements that fall within the setback boundary and may need to be reviewed.

    Offset Boundary allows the user to generate a setback boundary around a selection of 2D-like shapes…

  • New Camera View Setup Tool

    A new tool has been added that allows users to easily reposition the camera within the model to prepare for walking through the model in a first-person view.

    The tool is found at the top right of the screen among the navigation tools:

    When using the tool the user will click at the location in the model where they would like to move their camera. The tool will display a person at the location a display a viewing angle…

  • Upload Native DGN, DWG, RVT and more

    The iTwin Design Review Ad Hoc workflow now allows users to upload several different native design file formats in order to create new review sessions. The complete list of file types that can be uploaded now includes:

    • DGN – MicroStation and Bentley Civil
    • DWG – AutoCad and Civil3D
    • RVT
    • IFC
    • i.dgn

    To create a new review session, log in to iTwin Design Review at https:/review.itwin.bentley.com and upload the…

  • Issues Enhancements and Geo Photo Update

    Issues Enhancements

    The Issues Panel has had several updates for improved workflows.

    The issues makers within the model are now colored based on the issue Status for each issue. The issue panel has also had updated styling to improve visibility and consistency.

    Issue groups within the model can now be used to filter the issue list.

    When multiple issues are close together the issue markers will automatically be grouped…

  • Work Inbox for Issues in iTwin Hub

    The iTwin Hub home page now includes a new menu item for Work Inbox. The Work Inbox page will display all of the Issues that have been created for the selected Project.

    Users can view the issues as a thumbnail or in list view for easy display and filtering and can choose whether to display all issues or only issues 'Assigned to Me' or to another specific user.

    This page provides an easy way to review all issues…

  • IFC Export from Ad Hoc Review Sessions

    A new feature has been added that allows users to download an IFC export from their Ad Hoc Review Sessions.

    After creating a session the Export option will be available from the session menu within the table.

    Users can choose the desired IFC version and generate the file. The IFC is then available to download after it has been generated.

  • Version Compare Updates - Type of Change, Export and More

    Version Compare Type of Change Filtering

    Having visibility of the change occurring on your iTwin is critically important. The Version Compare dialog now includes the option to filter the view based on the type of change that has occurred between the selected versions of your iTwin. Users can choose what types of modified elements they would like to include in their report including Geometry changes, Placement changes…