2D Views, Hyper-modeling now available!

2D Views Widget

The 2D Views widget is now available to all users within iTwin Design Review. This widget allows users to access 2D Sheets and Drawings which are stored in the iModel. Opening a 2D View will open a new frontstage within iTwin Design Review. 

The 2D Views widget can be accessed on the right side of the screen here:

This widget will automatically filter the list based on the selected elements within the 3D view. So if you want to open a 2D view for a selected element, simply select the element to see what 2D views include that element.


The 2D Views widget also gives access to hypermodeling within iTwin Design Review. If you're design includes hypermodeling it will be accessible from a toggle at the top right corner of the 2D Views widget:

When hypermodeling is toggled on the 3D model will display the location of all the available hypermodels which can be selected to display the 2D overlay on the 3D model:

Navigating to 3D View

When within the 2D frontstage users can easily navigate back to a specific area of the 3D model by selected an element and clicking the Navigate to 3D view button. This will take the user back to the 3D model and position the camera within the model at the selected element.

Spatial Containment Tree Visibility Controls

The spatial containment tree now includes visibility controls for turning on and off elements within the 3D view. The spatial containment tree is available from the dropdown within the visibility widget.