Design Review Update - Skybox controls, Map Layers and Markups Update

Skybox Color Pickers

The Presentation widget controls have been updated to all users to choose their own skybox colors. The new color pickers are available within the Presentation Widget when the skybox is toggled on.

The default skybox colors have also been updated for all users. Existing Saved Views which included the skybox will also be updated to reflect the new default skybox. Any changes made to the default colors can be saved in new Saved Views.

Map Layers Controls

A new widget has been added to the right hand side of iTwin Design Review specifically for Map Layers. This widget provides access to the default map layers like Bing but also allows users to add maps from external map servers as additional Background or Overlay layers.

Select the Default Base layer using the Base dropdown selection. To add a new Map Layer simply click the '+' icon in the desired area and enter the required map server information. ArcGIS, WMS and WMST types are all supported and can be stored on the project for future use. The widget allows users to easily toggle on/off each of the included map layers to achieve the desired view or the user can turn off all map layers using the master toggle at the top right of the widget.

Issue Resolution Markup Workflow Update

The issues resolution panel has been updated to enable improved markup interaction. 

When creating a markup a new toolbar is now available which allows the user to more easily update the color, size and opacity of the markup being added. This will automatically appear in the view when the markup tool is used.

After a markup has been added to an issue, users can now click on the markup to open the markup directly within the viewer instead of as an image download. This automatically enters an edit mode where the user has the option to make an additional markup and add it to the issue or the markup edit mode can be closed. 

The markup image can still be downloaded from the Issue Summary tab if desired.