Design Review Update - Visibility Controls, Mask Filters and More Updates

Visibility Tool Update - Clear Category and Model Changes

The Clear tools in the top left of iTwin Design Review have been updated to allow the user to Clear Hide and Isolate changes that have been made to Categories and Models. Previously the Clear tool only worked on individual elements and  users were required to turn Categories and Models back on within the Visibility Trees. This update streamlines this operation for a great time savings.

Reality Data Masks

A new feature has been added to the reality data viewer which allows the user to apply a mask to the reality data to prevent models within the view from being obstructed by the reality data.

This setting is accessible under the settings menu for specific reality data within the Reality Data Visibility Widget:

To enable the mask simply turn on the Mask by model toggle within the settings menu:

Prior to turning on the mask you can see that the model is obstructed by the existing reality mesh:

After the mask setting is turned on the reality mesh is cut away so the model is fully visible:

Clear Individual Measurements

A new toolbar item has been added to the contextual measurement menu that allows individual measurements to be removed. All measurements that are currently selected will be removed when this option is used. Multiple measurements can be selected by using CTRL+Click.