Improvements to our Issue Resolution Service

We are excited to announce some big changes we have made to our issue system that will dramatically improve the way you capture and manage issues in iTwin Design Review.  Since the changes are quite extensive, we will break down the improvements into several sections.


Creating Issues

We have changed the entry point for creating issues.  Now when you select the issue button from our tool bar  this will no longer create a new issue but instead toggle the display of the issue panel.  If you want to create an issue simply open the issue panel and then select the “+” icon at the top of the panel.  Now you can select your element you want to create your issue against.  A new dialog will then appear allowing you to fill out the form for your issue and then just submit to complete.


Managing Issues

The issue panel has gone through a significant overhaul to improve the performance and usability.  The list of issues now defaults to only showing open issues that are associated to the active iModel you are viewing.  Selecting the more actions button “…” in the panel will allow you to see the closed issues and other project issues.  We have added several features to search, sort, filter and group your issues to make it very easy to find the issues you need to review.  These can be found by selecting either the search or filter icons at the top of the panel.


Viewing an issue

We have redesigned the interface for viewing the details of an issue.  By selecting an issue from the issue list the panel will change to view the details of the issue.  From here you can see all the information collected in the form along with a thumbnail of the issue that you can apply to the view.  If you need to edit any of the fields of the form just simply select the edit button and a dialog will appear allowing you to edit the information. 

There are several tabs that will allow you to view the markups associated to the issue along with comments and the audit trail.  This will provide you a complete picture of everything you need to know in order to review, resolve and close out issues.


Creating Markups

We understand that being able to add redlines or annotations to an issue is critical for providing clarifying information to engineers that need to resolve the issue or QA teams to verify the completion of work.  By going to any issue and then selecting the markup tab you can see all the markups associated to the issue and can view them as images by simply selecting them.  Creating markups is very simple.  Just set the view to the orientation that you want and then select the add markup button.  You will then be taken to our markup edit mode where you have a wide range of annotation tools including sketching, shapes, text and dimensions.  Once you have annotated the view just select the Save button in the bottom of the view and your markup will be saved as part of the issue.


For information on other improvements we are making to Design Review go to our What’s New page.