Issues Enhancements and Geo Photo Update

Issues Enhancements

The Issues Panel has had several updates for improved workflows.

The issues makers within the model are now colored based on the issue Status for each issue. The issue panel has also had updated styling to improve visibility and consistency.

Issue groups within the model can now be used to filter the issue list.

When multiple issues are close together the issue markers will automatically be grouped together.

Clicking on this grouping of issues will now add a 'Filter By Selection' within the Issue list which will filter the list based on this selected grouping.

New Feature - Geo Referenced Photos

A new Geo Photos enhancement is now available which allows photos to be referenced from within the iTwin. iTwin Design Review will automatically check the geolocation for any attached file and display a marker at the proper location within the model. When the user clicks the marker it will open up the attached photo for view. This can be done for both traditional photos and panoramic photos and allows project members to easily navigate a large number of photos using the spatial location on the photo.

To use the Geo Photo capability the photos must be uploaded to ProjectWise Share. The Geo Photo button is accessible in the tools in the top left of Design Review. 

When Geo Photos is selected the tool will prompt the user to select the folders within ProjectWise Share to look for photos to include within the visualization. Any photo with a geolocation will automatically be pulled in and available for visualization within Design Review.