New Enhancement - Version Comparison

Understanding change allows your reviews to be more effective as you can focus your efforts on the appropriate areas of the project.  You can now compare a previous named version with your current session to visualize and inspect what has changed between the 2 version.

After selecting a version to compare the model will be color coded to display what has been added, modified removed or unchanged between the version.  Each change type will be represented with a color which you can see in the comparison legend appearing in the lower left corner of the screen.  From the legend you can control the visibility by changed type to allow you to focus on only modified or just the additions.  Selecting the more actions button will provide you additional display controls as well as the ability to hide all the unchanged elements.  Since a modified element could either change physical appearance and location or have attribution changes we provide an inspection tool to provide further analysis.  Select a modified element then use the inspect tool in the legend  to view the specifics of how the element has changed whether it be a physical change or modification to its attribution.

While comparing a version you can use any other tools of Design Review like measure, sectioning or issue creation.  To stop the version comparison and go back to the normal view just select the version compare icon in the status bar and select Stop Comparison.

Note: To enable version comparison you will first need to go to iModel Manager for your project and then enable version compare for your iModel.  Only project members with the permission of Manage iModel Versions will be able to enable version comparison.  This permission can be set from the Manage Roles screen under the iModelHub section.


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