New Features - Data Visualization and More

Several new features and improvements are now available in iTwin Design Review!

Data Visualization

Data Visualization is now available in iTwin Design Review! This feature allows thematic display of property data in the iModel by coloring each unique value of the selected class and property.

This Feature is accessible from a new widget on the left side of the screen. From this widget, new data visualizations can be created, previously saved data visualizations can be accessed and also shared with other users.

Advanced Search - Save and Share Searches

Advanced searches can now be saved and shared with other design review participants. The advanced search feature is available from the gear icon on the search widget here:

The advanced search screen allows users to search across all the elements and properties that exist in the iModel. Searches can be saved and can be accessed from the ‘Apply Saved Search’ dropdown.

The Manage Saved Searches feature allows the saved searches to be Shared, Favorited and more!

Reality Data Widget

The Reality Data has been moved into the Visibility Tree widget. It is now available as a dropdown option at the top of the widget. This change creates additional space for new functionality and tabs that will be coming soon.