New Sectioning Tools and Property Grid Update

Section Tool - Align Camera to Section Cut

A new feature has been added to the section tool that allows users to easily align their camera with the cut of a section. After the section tool has been utilized and the cut is displayed on the screen simply Right+Click on the desired arrow to align the camera to the selected surface. iTwin Design Review will automatically align the camera with that view and turn off the perspective view of the model to allow for easier view and measuring of the model.

Right+Click the mouse over the desired Section arrow to see the menu when using the "Section - Plane" tool. When using the other Section tools the right click will immediately align the camera to the selected arrow.

After Right-Clicking on the arrow the camera will automatically align:

Section Cut Display Toggle

A new toggle has been added to allow users to toggle the Cut Display of elements that are on the cut plane. When the new option is toggled on the element cut will have a solid fill as shown in the images below.

With toggle off:

With toggle on:

Property Grid Grouping

The property grid has been updated to display groups of common properties. This groups can be opened and collapsed to make it easier for users to find the desired information within the property pane.