October Design Review Updates

Issue Resolution Hyperlinks

Issues created in Design Review can now have Hyperlink attachments within the comments. The hyperlink can link to any external URL including ProjectWise, a shared drive, or another website. This hyperlinks will be accessible from the Issue comments panel for all users.

Spatial Classification for Reality Data 

Users can now utilize Spatial classification to spatially partition a reality model by superimposing it with a spatial model. 

There are two types of classification methods.   Spatial classification with 2D data uses the projection of two dimensional classification geometry to partition the reality model above (or below).Volume Classification is also available which uses 3D closed meshes for classification.

These options can now be found on the reality data model in the additional options for reach reality model.

For more information on this feature check out our wiki post here.

Consolidation of Model and Category Visibility Selection

The Model and Category visibility controls have now been consolidated into the Visibility widget on the right side of the screen. The Model and Category dropdown pickers at the top left of the screen have been removed.