Saved View improvements

Identifying areas of interest that you need to refer back to or share with team members is a critical part of any review workflow.  We understand this and have recently made a series of improvements to our Saved View functionality to make it more useful for collaborating and conducting reviews.  The 3 new features we have added to Saved Views are:

  1. Persisting Sections in Saved Views
  2. Sharing a link to a Saved View
  3. Ability to apply Saved Views created from design applications

Persisting Sections in Saved Views

Sections are now stored with Saved Views so you can recall them in future sessions or share them with the project team.  When a section is active just create a saved view and the section will be stored in that saved view.  When you apply the saved view the section will display.

Note: When applying a save view with a section any active section you currently have will be cleared.

Sharing a link to a Saved View

Trying to collaborate with team members that are not in the same location as you can be difficult.  Telling them to go to a certain area is time consuming and frustrating.  With the new shared save view feature we have made this process much easier.  All you need to do is create a saved view of the area of interest then select the more actions button next to your saved view "..." and choose Share.  The Share View dialog will appear and you can copy the URL to distribute to others on your team.  When others launch the URL the model will automatically open and the shared view will be displayed.


Ability to apply Saved Views created from design applications

You can now apply saved views or viewpoints created in your design applications.  By default the iModel Index screen and Saved View dialog will only show saved views created from within the Design Review app but you can display the saved views from the design applications by toggling on the "Show All Saved Views" option from either the iModel Index screen or Saved View dialog.

iModel Index screen


Saved View dialog

For more information on Saved Views and other topics in Design Review go to the iTwin Design Review Help Guide.