September Design Review Update

Property Pane

The Property Pane has been updated to better support viewing properties when multiple elements are selected.

When multiple elements are selected the property pane will now display in Information link in the top right corner:

Clicking this link will display a list of all of the selected elements:

From this list you can select the specific element to view its individual properties. The back arrow can be used to return to the list of elements and the combined property view.

Walk Tools

The walk tools have been updated with improved interactions to simplify and enhance the ability to navigate the model.

The walk tool can be accessed from the navigation tools in the top right of the screen:

Instructions on how to use the walk tool are accessible from the Tool Help in the bottom left of the Viewer:

2D & 3D Plan Projection Toggle

The Model Tree has 2 new toggle options that have been added to simplify showing/hiding 2D elements that are included within the 3D model. This is specifically useful for civil designs where the 2D plan projection is included within the 3D model.

The Toggles can be found on the Model Tree here:

Here is an example showing the affects of these toggles on a civil model:

Showing both 2D & 3D:

Showing 3D Only:

Showing 2D Only: