Setback Tools, Civil Reports and Version Compare Updates

Setback Tools

A new set of Setback Tools has been added to the tools menu that allows the user to generate a setback boundary around a desired element or area in their design. The tool is also able to perform a soft clash check and identify any elements that fall within the setback boundary and may need to be reviewed.

Offset Boundary allows the user to generate a setback boundary around a selection of 2D-like shapes in the design.

Setback Tool allows the user to generate a setback boundary around a 3D element.

Circle Setback allows the user to generate a circular setback around a selected point in the design.

After initializing the tool the user has several setback tool options to choose from including setback distance and the low and high points of the setback intersection

When the setback tool runs it will visually show the intersected elements and provide the user with a list of those elements to review

Civil Reports

Anyone working on Civil Reports in Design can now generate Civil Reports based on their iTwin. A new Civil Reports Manager has been added in the bottom left of Design Review that allows users to generate and share reports with other users within the Design Review session. 

The types of reports which can be generated include:

  • Alignment Geometry Report
    • Horizontal Alignment Geometry
    • Horizontal Alignment Summary
    • Vertical Alignment Geometry
  • Quantity Report By Area
    • By Rectangle, Polygon or Element
  • Quantity Report By Alignment
    • Specify Start/End Station, Offset and Interval

The generated report can be viewed directly in Design Review or exported for additional viewing.

Version Compare Updates

The Version Compare module has been updated with several new features.

First the version compare results can now be exported to a spreadsheet for deeper analysis and archive of the changes. This option is accessed from the Export Report button in the Comparison Legend header.

The user can choose whether to export change details on model changes or on detailed element changes and select which element properties they would like to have included in the report.

The second update is the ability to perform Advanced Filtering on the modified elements in the Version Compare module. This allows users to filter the modified information based on what data was changed on the affected elements. This feature is available under the Modified element dropdown:

In the Advanced Filtering options the user can see all of the individual properties that have been changed, how many elements had that specific change and choose to filter those properties out. These selections can also be saved and shared out with other users.