Version Compare Updates - Type of Change, Export and More

Version Compare Type of Change Filtering

Having visibility of the change occurring on your iTwin is critically important. The Version Compare dialog now includes the option to filter the view based on the type of change that has occurred between the selected versions of your iTwin. Users can choose what types of modified elements they would like to include in their report including Geometry changes, Placement changes or Property Changes.

An Advanced Filtering option is also available to enable a detailed view of the property changes that have occurred within the iTwin. Within the Advanced Filtering dialog the user can see all of the properties which have been changed, how many elements have had that type of change and remove unwanted changes from the version compare view.

Note: Detailed property changes on your iTwin will be available for all future change sets however it may not be available for historic change sets. Please contact Bentley to enable property details within version compare on your existing iModels.

Version Compare Download Change Report

All changes detected within Version Compare can now be exported to a CSV file for view and reporting. The Export option can be found on the Version Compare widget here: 

The Export option allows the user to select additional property information to include in the export in additional to the default Element information that is provided.

Version Compare Search

The Version Compare dialog now includes a search box which allows users to perform a quick search across all elements which have been changed.