• Saved Views - Export to PDF

    Saved View Export to PDF

    The Saved View widget now includes an option to export all saved views to a PDF for share and archive. The 'Export Saved Views' option is found in the additional options menu here:


    Selecting this option will generate a PDF which includes all saved views in the review session along with related details for each view. This PDF can then be saved and shared as needed.

  • October Design Review Updates

    Issue Resolution Hyperlinks

    Issues created in Design Review can now have Hyperlink attachments within the comments. The hyperlink can link to any external URL including ProjectWise, a shared drive, or another website. This hyperlinks will be accessible from the Issue comments panel for all users.

    Spatial Classification for Reality Data 

    Users can now utilize Spatial classification to spatially partition a reality model…

  • New Feature - Civil Quantities

    Civil Quantities Measurements

    A new measurement tool has been added that allows users to view the Civil Quantities of selected elements. This tool is found under the Civil tools menu:

    The Civil Quantities tool allows the user to select one or more elements within the model and the tool will automatically total several values including Top Slope Area, Planer Area, Volume and Length. 

  • Version Compare Overlay

    The Version Compare capability has been enhanced with a new Element Overlay mode that allows users to more easily visualize physical changes in the model.

    After opening the Element Comparison dialog the user now has the option to view the comparison as an overlay instead of the default side-by-side view. The overlay view includes a transparency slider that allows the user to slide between the before and after views to…

  • September Design Review Update

    Property Pane

    The Property Pane has been updated to better support viewing properties when multiple elements are selected.

    When multiple elements are selected the property pane will now display in Information link in the top right corner:

    Clicking this link will display a list of all of the selected elements:

    From this list you can select the specific element to view its individual properties. The back arrow can be…

  • Issue Resolution Update - File Attachments and More

    The Issue Resolution Panel has been updated with new styling and additional capabilities:

    • The Create Issue option has been moved into the Issue tool in the top left of the view.

    • The Issue Details panel has been updated and now has 2 tabs:
    • Summary – The Summary tab shows the basic issue information as well as all attachments to the issue (elements, files, saved views, markups). The edit link from this tab opens…
  • Visibility Trees - Class Groupings

    The Model Tree and Spatial Containment Tree have been updated to include Class Groupings within the hierarchy. Each element will now be grouped by class withing the tree to make it easy to see what class of elements are within a Model/Category. The Model Tree also includes a count of how many elements of each class are present.

  • iTwin Hub - A New Way to Access Your Digital Twin and Project Reviews

    The iTwin Hub is now available for all users at https://itwin.bentley.com. The iTwin Hub is a new portal experience for Bentley’s iTwin Services and provides easy access to iTwin workflows.

    This initial release of the iTwin Hub focuses on iTwin Design Review and allows users to very easily access Projects and iModels and open them within iTwin Design Review.

    In the coming months we will be expanding the iTwin Hub…

  • New Features - Data Visualization and More

    Several new features and improvements are now available in iTwin Design Review!

    Data Visualization

    Data Visualization is now available in iTwin Design Review! This feature allows thematic display of property data in the iModel by coloring each unique value of the selected class and property.

    This Feature is accessible from a new widget on the left side of the screen. From this widget, new data visualizations can be created…

  • Visibility Tree Enhancements

    The Visibility Tree has been updated with several improvements.

    The Model Tree and Categories now include a search option that allows you to filter the tree based on the search criteria.

    A new 'Stories' tree has been added that provides a view of all Stories available in the model based on your design.

  • Update - Saved View Grouping

    The Saved Views widget has been updated to support grouping! 

    Saved View groups can now be shared and used to better organize the Saved Views on your project.'

    All existing and new saved views will appear int he 'Ungrouped' group by default. Groups can be created for personal use or can be shared out with other project participants.

  • New - Download Viewport

    A new feature has been added to allow users to capture and download a PNG of the iTwin Design Review viewport.

    This can be accessed from the menu at the top right of the app. The downloaded screenshot will include any sections, measurements and comments that have been added to the model. 

  • New - Radius, Angle and Shared Measurements

    New measurement tools and options have been added to iTwin Design Review!

    Measure Angle

    The measure angle tool allows the user to measure an angle by selecting 3 points within the model:

    Measure Radius

    The measure radius tool allows the user to measure a radius by selecting 3 points along an arc within the model:

    Shared Measurements:

    All measurements that are taken within the model can be saved and shared with other…

  • New Enhancement - Version Comparison

    Understanding change allows your reviews to be more effective as you can focus your efforts on the appropriate areas of the project.  You can now compare a previous named version with your current session to visualize and inspect what has changed between the 2 version.

    After selecting a version to compare the model will be color coded to display what has been added, modified removed or unchanged between the version.  Each…

  • Whats new in November 2019

    We have made several improvements and added new functionality to Design Review in November.  In case you missed them here is a recap of the new functionality.

    Issue Markers

    Understanding the location of issues in the model is very helpful in seeing problem areas or quickly finding the issues in your area of interest.  We have now added issue markers which will appear in the view for any issue that has an element associated…

  • Improvements to our Issue Resolution Service

    We are excited to announce some big changes we have made to our issue system that will dramatically improve the way you capture and manage issues in iTwin Design Review.  Since the changes are quite extensive, we will break down the improvements into several sections.


    Creating Issues

    We have changed the entry point for creating issues.  Now when you select the issue button from our tool bar  this will no longer create a…

  • Saved View improvements

    Identifying areas of interest that you need to refer back to or share with team members is a critical part of any review workflow.  We understand this and have recently made a series of improvements to our Saved View functionality to make it more useful for collaborating and conducting reviews.  The 3 new features we have added to Saved Views are:

    1. Persisting Sections in Saved Views
    2. Sharing a link to a Saved View
    3. Ability…
  • How to submit ideas for Design Review

    Got an idea for how to improve Design Review app? Share it with us. Or vote on other people's ideas.

    Is there a new feature or improvement to an existing feature you would like to see us work on?  We have partnered with AHA, a third-party service, to create an ideas portal to submit, share and vote on suggestions to improve our iTwin Services.  We love hearing your feedback and our Design Review team regularly review…