Roll Back

Wondering if there is someway to roll back the Chnagesets to a specific Named Version.If this works most issues related to Schemas  getting locked or incomplete synchronization can be handled using a RollBack to 

Specific Good Named Version and recommit the data.

Also if the user as synchronized unapproved changes to the hub this ability to roll back the changesets will be a great tool.

Working from Home does have its challenges of Unstable Network connections at times 



  • There are no current plans to allow reverting or rolling back changes that were pushed to the iModel Hub. Modifying or removing changesets already pushed can easily lead to problems because you cannot guarantee that no one has already pulled them... worst-case the second person would never be able to push again because their local history diverged; best-case the bad changes would just be re-pushed.

    We would expect that attempting the same synchronization job (and hence the same local briefcase) would resolve the lock problem. We will have to investigate if it does not.