[1.0.106] Error: No iModel bridges were found


as a part of learning ProjectWise 365 and iTwins ecosystem, I am trying to create iModel using iTwin Synchronizer,

Everything seems to be fine (project is created, empty i-model is created, everything is recognized by installed synchronizer), but regardless I try to add .dgn or .dwg, I always end with:

But the bridges for .dgn (MicroStation) and .dwg (civil / civil 3d) are installed already:

I ensured I have all necessary privileges: Because I am BDN member (I played with iModelJS source code already ;-) and I have all roles assigned both at general and project level, I assume this part should be fine.

Attached are iTwin Synchronizer log files. Windows 10 with all updates and patches installed, Czech GUI and local used.

BTW From log files, it seems Squirel tries to access MS Team. Why?

With regards,


iTwinSynchronizer Diagnostics 2020-04-20T05-17-47.362Z.zip

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