iModelBridges folder is not cleaned-up after update


iTwinSychronizer 1.0.112 installed.

The problem is that it seems iModelBridges folder (C:\Users\<used>\AppData\Local\imodelbridges\) is not cleaned after a bridge updates, so just a few days after installation, the folder is 14 GB big for only 2 (MStn and Civil) bridges installed. There is a lot of trash inside the folder:

  • Different versions of .IModelBridgeForMstn-a.b.c.d
  • Folder .staging is full of zip files

Is it now some standard in Bentley that downloaded, temporary and not used files are not removed? E.g. CONNECTION client does the same (and it's the reason it's completely the garbage when treated as software automatic upgrade tool).

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  • Each time you run a synchronization (e.g. click 'Synchronize'), it should clean up the imodelbridges directory (up to once per hour). I just saw this happen when I ran a job locally, but I'll also ask our QA team to try to reproduce. The cleanup will delete the entire .staging directory, and any old bridge versions still sitting in the imodelbridges directory. If you peek at the logs (%LOCALAPPDATA%Bentley\Logs\iTwinSynchronizer.log), you should see entries for iTwinSynchronizer.BridgeMaintenance indicating it's processing.

  • Hi Jeff,

    thanks for your answer. I expressed my problem not well enough, I did not realize "the update" can be understood in more meanings ;-)

    I have no problem with synchronization update, because my installation does not work and I have waited for the fix (the problem with local character in user profile).

    My problem is with the update of the software (bridges) itself: It seems that when any bridge is updated, it's downloaded as zip, extracted and applied ... and no work file is removed. So both active and former bridges are still there. Because bridges are based PowerPlatform, they are huge, but when more of them remain on disk, it's "occupied space disaster".



  • Update of the seen behavior:

    I applied these updates:

    • iTwin Synchronizer 1.0.140 > 1.0.146
    • iModelBridge for MicroStation >
    • installation of iModelBridge for Geo

    How iTwin Synchronizer versions are updated is discussed in another discussion (now current and one version before are maintained).

    But for iModelBridge for MicroStation, it seems to be pretty inefficient system:

    What Type Size
    .staging\ file 0.81 GB
    .staging\ file 0.81 GB
    .staging\ file 0.81 GB
    .IModelBridgeForMstn- folder 1.51 GB
    .IModelBridgeForMstn- folder 1.51 GB
    IModelBridgeForMstn folder 1.51 GB

    So for one i-model bridge, 6.96 GB is occupied!

    Why only the current version is not maintained only, and only the installation itself, not downloaded zip files etc?

    Especially when the location cannot be selected, to use so much space on system disk is not acceptable.

    What folder can be removed manually? I guess everything starting with dot (.staging folder + .ImodelBridgeForMstn)?

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