[1.0.140] iTwinSynchronizer folder not cleaned after update


this issue is similar to this one, a difference is whether iTwin Synchronizer or iModelBridge is updated.

Problem: When iTwin Synchronizer is upgraded (e.g. as now from 1.0.132 to 1.0.140, folder C:\Users\<user>\AppData\Local\iTwinSynchronizer\is not cleaned, so both app-1.0.132 and app-1.0.140 folders exist in parallel.

It represents about 700MB disk space lost, and because the installation is upgraded quite often (and I appreciate fast development and release ;-), disk space wasting grows step by step.

Any plans to make iTwin Synchronizer (and iModelBridges also) installation more cautious about the space and obsolete files and folders?

With regards,