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iTwin Synchronizer - Latest Version and Notes Listing

Please refer to the following table for the latest build version and build notes. 

Date Version Notes
9/22/2022 1.1.353

Resolved Connector download issue introduced by Antivirus, Reduced size of installer, Internal fixes

7/26/2022 1.1.331

Windows 11 Support, Internal Fixes

6/7/2022 1.1.321

Unmap Feature, ConceptStation Connector Support, WorkSpace Picker for OBD and ProStructures, Internal Fixes

3/31/2022 1.1.301

Badgers Updates, Integration test, Delta Package, Internal Fixes

2/11/2022 1.1.283

Internal Fixes

1/31/2022 1.1.279

Badgers Report, Electron Forge Migration, iModelJS package Updates

11/19/2021 1.1.258

Internal Fixes

11/8/2021 1.1.256

Installer is Digitally Signed, Internal Fixes

10/30/2021 1.1.254

Internal Fixes

10/22/2021 1.1.251

Internal Fixes

10/5/2021 1.1.244

UI Migration, Internal Fixes

9/20/2021 1.1.239

Internal Fixes

9/16/2021 1.1.237

Added Digital Signature to Exe, App Insights, Internal Fixes

8/27/2021 1.1.229

Internal Fixes

8/13/2021 1.1.225

Internal Fixes

8/9/2021 1.1.224

Internal Fixes

8/3/2021 1.1.222

Internal Fixes

7/1/2021 1.1.212

UI changes for Projects having no connection, Internal Fixes, Added iModeljs Logging

6/17/2021 1.1.208

Internal Fixes

6/7/2021 1.1.205

Connector Background update and Inline Progress, Internal Fixes

6/2/2021 1.1.204

Internal Fixes

5/25/2021 1.1.201

Internal Fixes

5/17/2021 1.1.198

Connectors Delta updates, Internal Fixes

4/2/2021 1.1.178

Internal Fixes

3/25/2021 1.1.174

Internal Fixes

3/12/2021 1.1.168

Internal Fixes

2/26/2021 1.1.161

Internal Fixes

2/19/2021 1.1.159

Connector list is in separate menu "iModel Connectors", Added options for stale file processing, Internal Fixes for performance improvement

2/1/2021 1.1.150

Version Number Fix in About Section, Internal Performance Fix.

1/18/2021 1.1.141

iModel Connector and About Section Split, Tooltip changes and Internal Fixes

12/18/2020 1.1.129

Addressed file search path limitations for iTwin Design Review Sessions

12/10/2020 1.1.124

Internal Fixes 

12/4/2020 1.1.121

Fixes for Stale File Processing and Some internal Fixes

11/12/2020 1.1.112

Internal Fixes

10/29/2020 1.1.101

Internal Fixes for listing Bridge Issues at the end of Successful job run 

10/27/2020 1.1.99

Added support for "ESRI file geodatabase" directory mapping.

10/15/2020 1.1.93

Internal Fixes for File Search Path patch fixes

10/1/2020 1.1.88

Internal Fixes

9/24/2020 1.1.82

Internal Fixes includes PowerPlatform support for ITDR sessions.

9/3/2020 1.1.75

Internal Fixes

8/24/2020 1.1.72

Support for locationzation for locales with '-' in their name (e.g 'zh-cn)'

Support for using input files on mapped network drives

Caching of remote bridge metadata for faster queries

8/20/2020 1.1.69 Internal Fixes
8/11/2020 1.1.65 Internal Fixes for processing i.dgn files
8/6/2020 1.1.62 Internal Fixes
7/16/2020 1.1.50 Refreshed UI components for easier identification. Improved messaging for when iModel Bridges need to be Enable for synchronization. internal fixes.
7/9/2020 1.1.48 Internal fixes
6/25/2020 1.1.37 Improved messaging if reference files are detected outside of the search path. Internal fixes.
6/18/2020 1.1.30 Internal fixes
6/15/2020 1.1.22 Support for the Open Buildings Designer iModel Bridge
6/8/2020 1.1.16 Internal fixes
5/21/2020 1.0.146

Support for PlantSight SPPID iModel Bridge

Support for Geo iModel Bridge

Resolves an issue with Updating multiple iModel Bridges at the the same time

Supports non-English Named View names

5/14/2020 1.0.140

Improved messaging in the event there is an error when processing a Synchronization

5/4/2020 1.0.126

View Incoming changes to the iModel since the last time you had synchronized your local file(s).  This can be viewed by the expanded section called "Previous Changes" on the "Synchronize your Changes" page.

This build resolves an issue where non-ASCII Characters would prevent an iModel Bridges to be run, if those characters were present in the user name.

4/16/2020 1.0.106

Internal Fixes

4/3/2020 1.0.92

The About dialog now displays information regarding which iModel Bridges are enabled

Resolved an issue with popup dialog size during synchronization preventing viewing of issues

Resolved issue where the iModel Bridge would be listed multiple times in the list of enabled iModel Bridges

Resolved an issue where creating a new Synchronization prevented the MicroStation iModel Bridge from continuing to process without an restart to the iTwin Synchronizer