[iTS 1.1.50] Failed (de)synchronized commit?


may I ask for an analysis and insight what exactly happened and why the synchronization failed?

Initial situation:

  • Testing cloud project exists
  • Cloud iModel (named "Basic") created, it's empty. Project extent graphically set to part of Prague.
  • On desktop, using "No workspace / no workset, empty 3D file created (MicroStation CE U14):
    • Coordinate system assigned
    • WMS ortofoto attached
    • Created one slab, representing building, placed in location, but Z = 0.
  • The files (DGN + xwms) attached

Synchronization defined in iTwinSynchronizer

  • All three mandatory bridges enabled (this issue as discussed separately)
  • The folder defined (because it's "No workspace / no workset", it's outside MicroStation workspace structure).
  • The created one file added to the definition

First synchronization job configuration:

  • Comment filled
  • Created Named Version set to ON
  • For the Named Version both name and description filled

Problem description:

  • First synchronization stops and reported as failed (logs attached)
    ... so I assumed the transaction was not finished and "nothing was done"
  • But when I checked iModel, some changes were commited!

When I tried the synchronization again, it fails also.

With regards,


iTwinSynchronizer Diagnostics 2020-07-17T05-10-23.030Z.zip