How to setup iTwin Synchronizer GUI localization?


after the last iTwin Synchronizer client update I realized it switched from English to Czech GUI.

Well, it's just a disaster. Unfortunately it continues in amateurs translation quality, similarly to CONNECTION client and Bentley Advisor. Bentley today represents the worst (the lowest) CAD/GIS product localization level from the products I used (at least occasionally like ESRI or AutoCAD). Evidently it's based on copy/paste process using Google Translator or similar general service, by somebody who have no idea what functionality the translated product has and what standard terminology is used in target country (defined as standard by Microsoft, because it relates to Windows, or as standard by some industry user groups or also is in some national standards). And it's, again the same as CONNECTION client and Advisor, not tested by native speaker, because at many places, the translations are just nonsense.

Ok, never mind, when it's Bentley policy and standard, fine. But how can I switch it back to English language? Or is it like Advisor, that cannot be switched to another language (do not respecting quite normal situation in Europe, when Windows / used software / user himself can represent 3 different languages?).

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