iTwin publishing from ProjectWise

I have a roadway model master dgn file with all together 52 reference dgn files and some (24) raster images. The design team is using and updating the dgn components on ProjectWise, storing them in multiple folders, so the reference files are not always in the same location as the master. I have watched the video about Best Practices for Creating a Civil iModel to understand how to publish my master file to the iModel Hub. The video is explaining how to publish the models from an extra created 2D container file using the downloaded offline reference files and the iTwin Synchronizer app. Since the project is already on ProjectWise we would like to utilize the iTwin Synchronizer Portal by creating new connection to iTwins using the ProjectWise Web as a data source.

After establishing the connection, selecting the master file and initiating the sync workflow, it is always failing. Probably because the master file isn't setup exactly the way how the iTwin bridges could read it, but it is setup to support the design process itself and the way how the engineers are working and using the files.

Is there a way to publish any type of master files from ProjectWise Web as they are set together without to modify them, or create offline replicas?

Thank you!

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