Why this error is reported (and synchronization is not finished)?


I am trying synchronize quite simple 3D model, but this error is reported during the synchronization:

ERROR [0x0000475c] iModelBridge - Project extents are too narrow: 0.000000 (ratio of largest footprint dimension 
to height; expected greater than than 0.100000). Element geometry this expansive will affect display performance, 
and often indicates corrupt elements or transforms.

I do not understand what is wrong and how DGN file should be corrected.

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  • The validation is based on width/height (x/y) vs. depth (z), not the absolute position. The intention is to detect very tall but narrow extents (e.g. bad geometry up in space), so a model that is very flat should not trigger this (the larger of width/height divided by depth will be a large number, not less than 0.1).

    I think the bigger problem here is actually a crash in the MicroStation bridge. It seems related to converting the GCS information. I'll let the Connector team know about the crash. It is also quite possible the extent report is a red herring due to the incomplete conversion.

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