Support of 2D design models?


I guess it was asked and discussed already, but I was not able to find such discussion. Also, I am not sure whether this topic belongs more to this forum or more general iTwin Services forum.

What are plans to support 2D models? I am not asking about 2D data, that are supported already: When there is a flat plan in 3D (e.g. as normally when working with DWG), it's published to iModelHub acceptably. But when there is DGN 2D model, it seems to be not published: The synchronization is finished, but nothing is displayed. Because of lack of time I have not analyzed i-model content using Console yet, but it does not change the fact such result is not expected.

As long as I remember, i-model has ignored (or at least supported quite badly) 2D data. A problem is that work in 2D is still prevalent often, sometimes it's the standard (GIS data), sometimes it just not makes any sense to work in 3D (at BIM LOD 100, 2D is perfectly fine). Also, diagrams and schemes, representing different representation of e.g. topology or functionality, are inherently 2D (but fit perfectly to Digital Twins concept).

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