Plan and Profile of an IFC alignment in iTwin


From OpenRoads I have exported an alignment (plan and grade) as IFC alignment and I cannot see it in iTwin, the model opens but it is empty. My goal is to consult the plant and the profile of an alignment, do you know how? If in iTwin I share the native DGN file, IF I can check the alignment in silver and profile

Thanks a lot

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  • Hello Santiago,

    As described by Glen, you can use the "Export to IFC" option from any Named Version you create:

    If you select 4.3 RC1 as the IFC version to target, the operation will write the alignments in the iModel according to the IFC-Alignment schema, introduced with IFC 4.1.

    Later, you can import your IFC dataset into another iModel and you should be able to get the same plan/profile-review functionality inside Design Review.

    At the same time, note that buildingSMART marked IFC 4.1 as withdrawn since they found some inconsistencies around their definition of alignments. As a result, there is no approved & released IFC schema for alignments at the moment. Bentley is doing its best to support IFC 4.1 but there may be issues in this workflow. Bentley will look to support the corrections related to the alignment schema in IFC once buildingSMART get it approved and released.


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