How to delete connection AND model from iTwin Synchronizer client?


Recently i synchronized a .GDB file from the iTwin Synchronizer Client.  When I deleted the connection, the model is still there in my iTwin.  How do i delete both connection and model?  I can do this easily if i set up the initial connection using the Synchronizer portal.     

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  • Hi Jan, thanks for the reply.

    When I delete the "Data - 2D" connection from the Synchronizer Client, there's no option to delete the file within the iModel.  It's still showing up in the hierarchy when trying to open my iModel.  

    If i were to make the connection using Synchronizer Portal, I can easily delete the connection AND the file.

    However I couldn't use the portal as GDB files are not supported.  Is there a way to manually delete a synchronized file entirely from an iModel?

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