iTwin Synchronizer Portal & Client - What are the end output from it?


Please consider an example as, using iTwinSynchronizer a non-Bentley data has been pushed to iTwin using Navisworks connector. What are the output we can achieve from it apart from visualization?

Can we do the following things?

a. Queries for the components/items
b. Reports for the items
c. Clash Detection and mark-up
d. Visualizing data and graphics in ALIM? 
e. anything more, please specify 

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you 

  • Hi Deepak,

    Overall, it shouldn't matter the source of data that comes into an iModel whether it comes from a Bentley application or not. We will always attempt to convert all the graphics and data and align it as best that we can. So that means that different functionality such as doing queries etc. should work on the iModel.

    But since each data source is different, there will be differences in how we can convert that data. Navisworks is a good example of this. The structure of Navisworks data means that the connector is not really able to create a proper schema for the data, but the connector will still import it into the iModel. For this reason, where possible we recommend that instead of Navisworks, use a connector for the original file format. For example, use the IFC connector for IFC data. I think your question here has probably been triggered by your question yesterday on Plant 3D. Since we currently don't have a connector for Plant 3D, Navisworks is our best option in this case. As well sometimes users only have data in Navisworks format, so that's why we need the Navisworks connector as well.

    For visualizing data in ALIM, please reach out to that team directly to discuss how to visualize those models in ALIM, there are some changes going on there and it would be best to discuss with them.

    Hope this helps,


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  • Hi Tim,

    Thanks for the explanation.

    So even with the data/graphics pushed via Navisworks connector or with IFC connector to iTwin,  If I am correct we should be able to do things like queries, clash detection, report from iTwin, please confirm.

    Thank you
    Regards | Deepak Singh

  • Yes that is correct.

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