Incorrect georeferencing for IFC model


I am trying to upload a IFC file using iTwin Synchronizer that is not georeferenced, but it seems to become georeferenced once uploaded and viewed in iTwin.

The model was created using Revit 2019 and uses IFC 2x3. According to BlenderBIM and OpenBuildings Designer, the model is not georeferenced. I have tried to upload the model as a DGN and as a IFC 4 file, but the issue still persists - it seems to be georeferenced once viewed in iTwin. I have checked the IFC file using a text editor and I have not found any georeferencing data, except for the following:

#8120= IFCCARTESIANPOINT((306197.459262207,103113.27098246,3750.50000000003));
#8122= IFCDIRECTION((-0.944830518410079,0.32755959989129,0.));
#8124= IFCDIRECTION((0.32755959989129,0.944830518410079,0.));
#8126= IFCAXIS2PLACEMENT3D(#8120,#8122,#8124);

Could it be the case that these lines are used for georeferencing the model? Do you have any ideas on what I should try next so that the model would upload correctly?